Chapter 1
1.i - Reader Questions the First

Chapter 2
2.i - The Process
2.ii - Why Brent Likes Thistle
2.iii - Theories about Thistle
2.iv - Lyra's Hair Care
2.v - Brent: Marry, Boff, Kill? - Orrig: Rapid Fire

Chapter 3
3.i - Brent's Family
3.ii - No Shirt, No Shoes, No - Right This Way, Sir.
3.iii - Puffball Fluffbutt
3.iv - Defensive
3.v - Flowers for Names - Thistle's Ideal Wardrobe
3.vii - Peanut Butter Pit Trap

Chapter 4
4.i - Flirting Tips
4.ii - How Do Magic?
4.iii - What Would You Do (for a Klondike Bar)
4.iv - Teenage Orrig
4.v - Seasons - The Great(?) Candy Caper

Chapter 5
5.i - Lyra's Family
5.ii - All About Balance
5.iii - Meg rambles about and tries to make a tutorial about lineart
5.iv - Yoko, on Coloring

Chapter 7
7.i - Pinapple Pizza?
7.iii - Something Nice
7.iv - Real World AU

Book I Epilogue
E1.i - Existential Eyebrows
E1.ii - Lyra's Laws
E1.iii - Rom Coms
E1.iv - Thistle Eating Habits
E1.v -  Lyra's Date

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Holidays & Other Shorts:

Halloween 2016
Thanksgiving 2014: Figments of Imagination
Thanksgiving 2015: Part 1 - the Feast

Thanksgiving 2017: the Will of the People
Christmas 2014: Mistletoe
Christmas 2015: Gift Exchange
Christmas 2015: Christmas Filler

Thistle’s Punching Power - a response to comments on this page.
Brent the Cueball
Thistle's Head Cold

Other Goodies:

DnD Sheets!
Orrig's Character Sheet
 | Brent's Character Sheet | Lyra's Character Sheet | Thistle's Character Sheet

version 3.5 (courtesy of Harry Rol - thanks, Harry!)

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The Legion of Renob: Mystery of the Lilies: Part 1
The Legion of Renob: Mystery of the Lilies: Part 2


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