Thanksgiving 2015
Posted November 16, 2022 at 09:26 am

Some artwork I made to put up on the DotL main site for Thanksgiving in 2015. Nytrinhia, the colorist, made the second part! 
For these two pictures we decided we would do something fun and have the casts of our two comics celebrating the holiday and the season of fall together. Her webcomic is called Circum! Please check it out, every inch of it is amazing! 

This thing is super sloppy because I was getting on a plane to fly across the country to visit family in a couple hours and I was racing the clock, but I love every idea here (all of which I basically stole straight from Yoko's email that gave me reference for her characters).

Maybe next year I'll have more time to work on something like this, because I enjoyed working on this, even though it didn't feel like a very long time!