Posted September 20, 2022 at 01:25 pm

WEEEELLLLL word has come down from on high: You Know Who's position remains unchanged and I am still not allowed to publish DotL. I've spent the last week or so processing this decision and weighing my options (something patrons over on Patreon watched me do in real time).

THIS IS OKAY. While I hoped for a different outcome, I still prepared for it as best as I could, and was able to walk into this situation with a fair number of options, and here's what I've decided to do:

  1. I'm going to keep working on this show. This has been, by far, the best working experience I've ever had, and it remains a pretty fantastic professional and learning opportunity for me. I'm happy having secure, gainful employment for another year and working on some pretty cool skills, to later put back into this comic to make it the best it can be.
  2. I will keep working on DotL, just not in the same capacity I have been for the past year. It got pretty demoralizing working on comic pages I knew people weren't going to see, so I'm going to be working ahead on upcoming chapter scripts. This means I'm going to get REALLY far ahead in planning and pre-production, and the story will hopefully become very tightened down and polished as a result.
  3. I'm going to start a new project! DotL was shut down because it was a "Fantasy-Adventure" (which apparently the people I work for have a monopoly on? I don't get it either), so I'm going to go play in a completely different sandbox:

Kaylee Has A Slasher Boyfriend, a Horror-Romance, is currently in production, and an e-book will be released in Mid-October (just in time for Halloween) on my Ko-Fi with Pay What You Want pricing. After its release, I will be updating the website once a week with additional comics and content over the next year.

You Know Who's justification for this entire fiasco is that they do not like the fact that I make money off of what I do in my spare time, and since I am just one person without an entire legal department to back me up, I will be a good employee and accommodate their feelings for the sake of my continued livelihood. So be sure you DON'T acknowledge my Patreon, the DotL Store, or this Paypal Tip Jar link. Or do. I'm not the boss of you.
...And if you're not in a place to provide that kind of support, that's totally fine! You can support the comic by telling other people to read it, or just following me on any of my social media accounts. I love you. Thank you for liking what I make.

If anyone wants to continue to send guest comics, fanart, or other DotL-related things you've made, I'd love to feature them on the website! Just make sure you send them to DaughterOfTheLilies@gmail at 800x1200, with a URL and name by which I can credit you. I'll post them throughout the next chunk of the hiatus to make sure people know I'm not dead and still working hard.

All right, I'm going to get back to work making stuff for you guys to read and enjoy. I'll see you next week!

PS: I strongly recommend you hop into the DotL discord for no reason in particular, and to keep an eye on it over the next few weeks.