Thistle is just your average masked mage with a mysterious power, an enigmatic past, and, of course, the great burden of Destiny on her shoulders. 

She’s chased out of every town with torches and pitchforks when the locals see her face, and is eagerly sought after by a great and terrible figure who defines most of her dark thoughts towards herself. Out of a desperate need to make a quick buck so she can move on to a new quiet place to live, she joins up with a small band of Mercenaries, but quickly finds herself unwittingly swept up in and caught off guard by their bonds of loyalty. 

Will these unruly, uncultured, rough-around-the-edge fighters be the ones to help Thistle realize her sense of self-worth in time to stop the shadows of her past from overwhelming and consuming the world? 

Time will tell, I suppose.

Daughter of the Lilies is a comic largely about the importance self-worth, the different forms love can take, how it can redeem and empower us, as well as issues relating to anxiety. (There are also unicorns, manticores, ghouls, goblins, cannibalistic elves, dragons, gods, fairies, ghosts, werewolves, demons, angels, and so on.)   

Meg Syverud (SIV-uh-rood) has been an independent comic creator since 2004. She's a married chick with a BFA in Graphic Design and works full time as a Storyboard Artist. 

Meg wears a lot of comfortable hoodies and relies on her friends to remind her to eat. She likes Pokemon, storytelling, reading, video games, and cross stitching. Her pet peeve is when people assume DotL is based on D&D (because it's not).

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Jessica "Yoko" Weaver (aka Nytrinhia) has been working in independently published comics since 2010 on various titles as both the sole artist and part of a team of artists.  She hopes and aims to one day work in video games and animations as a conceptual artist and designer. Despite her borderline obsessive love of red pandas, narseakittehs, and fatticorns she's technically a highly functioning and responsible adult.

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