Thistle Theories #06 - Leon DeFriese
Posted July 12, 2018 at 10:13 am
This submission comes with a BONUS SHORT STORY!


"I had a theory that Thistle was an orphan taken in by a sorceress of middling power seeking to exploit the drath for personal gain; she would take in orphans, teach them the ways of magic, hoping their background in magic would allow them to survive the mutations and eventual all consuming mind of the drath. 
Thistle was the only one to survive, saved by the magic of whatever mystery space god #6 is, but it disfigured her face horribly, so she chose to take the cruel nickname of Tree-girl and turn it into something beautiful - she hid her face and began taking the names of flowers and aliases."

- Leon DeFriese

This world is honestly a poorer place until Leon makes or finishes their websites, because this much talent should be exploding all over the Internet! Leon, I can't wait to see more of your personal projects, and indulge in your creations! I absolutely love this design and the story that you wrote to go with it!!
Leon now has an Art Blog! HUZZAH, HAPPY DAY

We've been getting a lot of Drath-themed theories, so we'll be trying to focus on more different ones for a little while after this!

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