Thistle Theories #05 - Laura Beth Ramsay
Posted July 10, 2018 at 10:01 am

"My Thistle Theory came from a dream I had: in it, Thistle had been a poor and meek magic student, controlled by the cruel lady we caught a glimpse of in one of the flashbacks, talented but timid. She was involved - unwillingly - in a Drath ritual, and killed as a part of that. However, her spirit was eventually brought back to her body. Decomposition was halted, but not reversed. There's a prophecy about to do with the resurrected one, but Thistle knows she can't be the one it's referencing. This isn't resurrection, it's resuscitation, a far cry from the 'new life' that the language specifies. Maybe she's a voice crying in the wilderness, maybe it's from her sins or the sins of her parents, maybe her punishment is to die twice... she knows she has to be alive for a reason, but maybe that reason is a cruel joke."

- Laura Beth Ramsay

While the DotL Team is off prepping for Book II, we will be spotlighting the creativity and inventiveness of the readers, and what theories they created during the production of Book I as to who and what Thistle was! 

Today's Theory is given to us by Laura Beth Ramsay, who also created her own artwork to illustrate her vision. I really love how bittersweet and tragic it is - but also kinda full of promise? Like, you could take it so many different ways from here. 

The biggest thing I love about all of these Thistle Theories is that it just goes to show how dang clever everyone is. These are legitimately stories I would love to read myself. 

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