Thistle Theories #03 - Iris Cantrell
Posted July 5, 2018 at 09:39 am

"Thistle made a pact with a Drath when she was younger, or something similar. Giving her power beyond her wildest dreams but forever altering her appearance to be monster-ish. Thistle’s parents hate her for the pact she made and disowned her, causing her "ca'dafekka" condition. She probably got kicked out of her home and has been wandering from town to town and getting chased out after the citizens see her face."
-Iris Cantrell

One more theory, submitted by Iris Cantrell (who unfortunately has no URL to share with us), that's a nice mix of the previous two! 

We needed one more day of filler to give Yoko a little extra time to get settled and comfortable with her job, and we will hopefully return on Thursday. Thank you all very much for your patience!

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