Thistle Theories #19 - Jennifer Monsen
Posted August 30, 2018 at 11:08 am


"There's an old legend from the middle ages of the pig faced woman-- a wealthy woman with a human body, but cursed by a witch to have the face of a pig. Thistle always struck me as having that soft, slightly naive edge of someone who grew up very sheltered, and what we've seen of her past implies there were some people who could be involved in witchcraft. But what really cinched it for me was Thistle bears a strong resemblance to Penelope, the titular character of a movie retelling the legend. Like that character, Thistle is sweet and intelligent, a lover of books and plants, struggles with self esteem-- and people who see her run away screaming."
- Jennifer Monsen

For context, here's a trailer for the movie that Jennifer is referencing:

What a flattering image of our friend Mr. McAvoy! Please don't let the thumbnail fool you - this is a really great movie with a wonderful message and theme!

ANYWAY, Jennifer is one of those people who is full to bursting with so many wonderful ideas, you could spend ages poring through her work and the archive of her website. She's done a TON of wonderful DotL fanart, including a Crime Noir AU comic that I love to pieces for its 20s/Prohibition setting and aesthetic! 

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