Calling It A Day
Posted January 30, 2020 at 05:47 pm

Thank you for reading.

Thank you, Julianna Chianelli, for your astounding and absolutely striking coloring work! You have done such a fantastic job, and the atmosphere of the setting was just so alive because of your efforts. 

This is the end of Chapter 8! 
The production of this chapter has taken the longest of any other in a long while, and a lot has happened during its publication. What a time. 

For those of you who have been with us awhile, you know what's next: the team will be taking a long break to rest up, prepare for, and write the next part of the story. This next break will be somewhat unique, as it will be slightly longer than others, for several and very important reasons, most of which just break down to: I NEED TO WRITE THE REST OF THE STORY - specifically, do some serious worldbuilding, nail down the outline of Book II, and figure out the details and chronology of the villain's Evil Plan(TM).

For now, we will be resting for the next couple of weeks, and will be posting filler content provided by readers until we are ready to dive back into things. As the break proceeds, I will be posting some other things I've been working on: specifically, a Spider-Man AU that captured my imagination awhile back, that I've made several comics for. 

Please stay tuned for news and updates regarding a timeline and a return date, and I hope you enjoy what we have to show you in the meantime.