Goot Job
Posted November 12, 2019 at 01:18 am

So my dad works in an ER. Like, running alongside a stretcher, shouting orders at other medical professionals, sticks-his-hands-into-your-chest-to-massage-your-heart-until-we-get-to-an-aed-doctor.* (He had a lot of nice things to say about the wound on Brent's arm in Chapter 7, which was a heyoooge compliment.)

When we were kids and vacationing somewhere a thousand miles away from civilization, it was nice to know he was around. "It makes me feel better to know that you're here, dad," we would say to him.

And he would chuckle nervously. "It doesn't make ME feel better."


Anyway, the chapter is moving towards its conclusion and this is the start of the last Book Excerpt Scene of this part of the story, which I am very happy about - these pages have been so much work. It's a very short scene, too, and one people were predicting since the start of the chapter. Hope you like it.

Colors by Julianna Chianelli.

*Heart Massages are absolutely NOT recommended except in very extreme situations.