Old Wounds
Posted October 24, 2017 at 07:48 am

We're back! Thanks for your patience, everyone! I'm feeling a lot better and I've gotten all caught up on work - I even got ahead in comic pages a little bit during our impromtu break. I hope this gross closeup was worth the wait! Poor Brent, he just has to take every beating he gets, doesn't he? 

Speaking of, Yoko made us some overwhelmingly soft boi art while I had to take some time off, which you can see here:

Forum Updates!

The last I heard, Yoko now has more than enough volunteers to get an organized community off the ground over on the temporary (?) Discord server. How exciting! I'll keep you guys updated with news as I hear it, but I can at least guarantee that the new site design will include links to these places.
User Sanguine-Smile has also set up a Daughter of the Lilies subreddit, for those of you who are interested in an immediate option!

If I can be honest, this has already had incredible positive effects on my mental health. I didn't realize what a burden moderation had become, and what a serious distraction it was. Since announcing this decision, I've actually been able to mentally seperate myself from goings on, on the internet and focus on the comic and other work that I need to do. And those of you who have voiced your support have helped a lot. Thank you so much. I've been overwhelmed by y'all's efforts to get this new community off the ground, and it's really helped me throw myself back into the comic, knowing it's got such incredible support behind it. You guys are great. I can say without any doubt or reservation that I clearly have the best Readers of all time.

Happy Tuesday!