Posted December 18, 2018 at 09:43 am

Thanks to KittyZoZo on Discord for the alt-text!


2018 has been a very momentous and difficult year from start to finish:

  • Book I was completed
  • Book II's outline was mostly finalized
  • Book II started and has been slowly gaining momentum over the year
  • Book I was mostly prepped for a print run/kickstarter (90% done!)
  • I worked on a Teen Titans Go! movie whose release date is still TBA
  • I got a new job that I'm on currently that y'all will hear more about soon, that's been demanding most of my time
  • Yoko got a full time job and moved into her own place and is adjusted to a whole new schedule
  • We hired a flatter, Rosey, to help us out with these changes
  • Life in general has been slowly and steadily plodding along

As evidence to all these crazy things, the page above was literally done in just one day because of other obligations demanding my time and attention. I'm pretty proud of being able to do so much work in such a short amount of time, but I really don't want to make a habit of it.

We're all pretty burned out and ready for a break, and eager to celebrate the holidays with our friends and loved ones. As such, new pages will return during the week of January 8th, 2019. 

This Thursday, we'll update the site with another Corrections Preview for Chapter 7, and the following Tuesday will have some Christmas filler artwork, and after that, we are going to retreat into our festively decorated hidey holes to sleep and play video games and quietly stare at the walls, contemplating all the work we've done. The rest of the chapter is real good, but the ones after are even better, and honestly, those are the ones I really want to get to, because they propel the plot forward and do some worldbuilding instead of lingering on a 40-50 page joke (not that this isn't fun, either, but you know me and how eager I am to get to the next thing). 

We'll see you Thursday! Good luck with your Holiday planning and decorating and shopping and cooking and every other tradition you follow during this holiday season. From all of us here on the DotL Team, Merry Christmas!

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