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Posted July 13, 2017 at 08:04 am

Some things Elizabeth told me about these characters:

  1. Heart is the adopted son of Olar (which would mean he was called Co'Olar for awhile in the DotL universe)
  2. Olar's first words regarding Elise are, "Who's the belle with the rose in her eye and stars in her smile?"
  3. Song is a fan character I made for a fan family who are Elizabeth's OCs (Wolf Dad & Sheep Son) that have been adapted to the DotL Universe

This mining town is based on Kennecott, Alaska. Admittedly, lately I've been loosely tracing reference photos when I have to do a complicated background in a small amount of time. It's nothing too ridiculous: just general shapes of hills and rooflines. I'll pull the photo off to the side and fill in all of the details myself. Here's the photo I referenced for the fourth panel.