Posted July 11, 2017 at 08:10 am

Time for the cutest NPC family in all of existence.

Elizabeth Viscomi submitted these designs for this incredible family that I was totally smitten by. I already had a piece of script that called for a little family with a stay-at-home-dad, and Elizabeth's characters perfectly fit the role! I did have to design Elise and Olar's unborn child, who you see shadowing her dad quite closely here: colors from Yoko will reveal that she has a port wine stain just like her mom, who'll I'll be trying to sneak into the background somewhere else in the chapter. 

Speaking of Yoko! It sounds like she's on the mend, but now has a backlog of work to catch up on. Hopefully we'll be seeing these colored pages soon!

Other than that, what else is there to say about this page?
I remember being a kid, living in a literal log cabin in the woods, and my dad stunning a bat that had gotten into our room with a tennis racket. This page is a somewhat vivid retelling of that, because my dad made sure that he pulled us around and showed us his little teeth. In hindsight, maybe the bat wasn't actually stunned and my dad was sparing our feelings, but they're so dang cute that I forcefully believe the stunned explanation. 

Also, dead rats. Ew.