Posted May 22, 2017 at 10:45 pm

Hey, do an artist a solid and after you read this page, stare at it for the next 15 hours... because that's exactly how long it took me to finish it. I was a complete genius and for some reason decided to add THREE, not one or two but THREE very complex wide shots. And yet, despite the fact I didn't give her a lot of time to do it, Yoko colored this entire page in less than 24 hours so we could have it in time for today's update. She's a hero to us all...

Ah, but you know what? Each page lately has had so many great payoffs on it that this one just continues the trend with EVEN MORE payoffs. THAT'S why it took so long. THAT'S why. DANGIT I LOVE THIS GIG.
Though sometimes you have to make some tough revisions, like tossing out this first version of Panel 2. But at least a shadow of it lives on in panel 3...

HEY, HOW ABOUT SOME DotL FANFICTION! Cognitive Dissonance by Sarcasticles is so dang good that it's given me a lot of new ways to think about how to approach the magical system in this universe and captured Thistle and Brent's characters almost perfectly. I'm a huge fan and have maybe read it 5 times...? Woof.

This page has a TON of NPC/Guest Characters on it! Longtime Patrons Ollie and Adrius contributed their characters Allistar (center councilmember with mutant cat-panther) and Benedin (councilmember with snake-scarf), respectively. Adam Bolander's submitted NPC characters are Toke and Zashiel (on the left side, givin' each other a sweet hug), and for my own webcomic-worshiping self indulgence: Vincent from Diana Huh's webcomic Lonely Vincent (on the far right), and to his right, Pascalle Lepas' Sylvia from Wilde Life!