Return of the Frog Friend
Posted May 17, 2017 at 09:26 pm

I was surprised that no one predicted the safety of our little Frog Friend!

I was hoping everyone would pick up on the fact that the Brody we saw Wu speaking to after he saved Fike didn't look frog-like at all, and that he dissolved into goo just like the other host-less Draths. I guess there were so many other distracting things happening that the reinforcement of those rules went unnoticed, which will hopefully make this a fantastic surprise. Cue fistpump.

Y'all have my husband Milo to thank for froggy-comes-a-courtin. Originally, the frog didn't make it, but Milo pointed out that Wu making the additional effort to also save Frog Friend fit nicely into the other themes already established within this chapter. So, there you go. Thanks, Milo!