It's easy to spot the newbies.
Posted August 25, 2016 at 03:00 am

This page is great. Look at how little work we had to do!

Hey, don't forget that we'll be taking a break during the week of September 5th. Yoko and I need time to rest and recharge our batteries, and we'll be taking the opportunity to do so during that time.

I'll be spamming you guys mercilessly every day that week with some of the amazing fanart I've gotten in the past couple of months, so if you made me art (or want to) there's a chance you'll see it up here during that week. I'll make sure to link to the artist's websites/social media so you can see more of their work.

If you want the chance to have your art featured, drop us a line and a URL to your work at our email address, DaughterOfTheLilies(at)Gmail.