Posted August 23, 2016 at 07:44 am

Heads Up - DotL will be taking it's regular break during the week of Labor Day! Don't forget!

Yeap! Yoko and I are going to make a habit of taking a 1 week break every 3 months. Making a comic that updates as regularly as this one requires a lot of work and late nights, and sometimes we just need to pause and take a breather to keep from burning ourselves out. Our next break will probably be sometime in November or December, depending on our holiday schedules and whatnot. 

Oh yeah - it was acid. Yup. 

In some countries, it's an acceptable thing for a man to throw acid into the face of a woman who has rejected him, which disfigures her for life and causes a plethora of health problems (if she survives).

I bring this up only to let you know that I'm taking this whole turn of events rather seriously and not as some cheap throwaway trick.