Brent doesn't look like a lightweight
Posted December 15, 2014 at 06:35 pm

and he dropped the issue unusually fast. (I wonder if there's a story there. Probably.) I uploaded the page at a larger size this week because there are a lot of gorgeous little details that Nytrinhia snuck in with her coloring that I want all of y'all to see, too. It's criminal that I have to size these things down so much. Downright criminal.

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I'm sure there's a nice long story about Rufilio full of really jerkish stuff he's done (like insult them regularly, imply that Lyra's place is in the kitchen, a general sense of entitlement, etc.), but I don't like writing those kinds of characters or stories. Feel free to fill in the blanks how you wish.

I got an early Christmas present this week from my parents, and as a result my Tumblr has been lighting up with all sorts of new art. OH MY GOSH. This Christmas is ALREADY AMAZING.

I also got some sweet fanart from AspenDragon!!! AAAAAAAA I DON'T DESERVE THIS