Posted April 18, 2023 at 12:30 am

This sounds... familiar... we've spoken of this before...

Ah, that's right! There's some sort of conspiracy! It's been awhile since it's popped up in the comic. While I've changed a lot as a person since then, I've been looking forward to delving more into this aspect of the worldbuilding.

This is officially the last completed, colored page in our backlog! I'm still working and producing pages, but I am going to briefly go on break until Yoko is available to finish up the chapter with me. I will be updating the site with filler and guest art that I've had sitting in the DotL inbox for a shameful amount of time.

Of course, as always, Patreon supporters can already read ahead to the end of the chapter, and I will be updating pages there as I finish them.

I am currently finishing up some of my last responsibilities for my current job, which means I'll be moving on to the next thing soon, so I am a little overwhelmed by a lot of things that I need to be doing. I'm going to get right back to doing those. Thank you all for reading! I am still working hard and will continue to do so!