Thistle Theories #25 - Carson Ellis (PART 1)
Posted September 18, 2018 at 06:27 am


Carson Ellis is a literal god of art and comedy, and he made us an entire 4 PAGE COMIC that had me wetting my pants because it was so dang funny. He's seen right through us. He is exposing all of our secrets. All that's left is for us to fulfill his omniscient predictions. Incredible. 

Carson if you're reading this i'm sorry i haven't sent you an email back yet even with all this time that has passed i was honestly just overwhelmed and also a little intimated by your incredible talent and couldn't figure out how to start the email which we all know is the hardest but GOOD GOSH MAN are you a real person i mean WOW

For the this last week before the start of Book II, we will be updating every day until Friday with each page of Mr. Ellis' incredibly astute spoiler-filled comic. 

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