Bernard by Frederick Chu
Posted September 22, 2020 at 12:20 am

I'm very happy to be able to dip into my backlog of fanarts I've received and finally give them the attention they deserve!

This stunning piece of work is by Frederick Chu, who sent it to me over a year ago and has patiently been awaiting his chance to shine ever since (bless their beautiful heart). Does everyone remember Bernard? Wow, that feels like a lifetime ago.

Some housekeeping! Let's go!

  • The DotL Book 1 Kickstarter is still running!
    Due to popular demand, we added 50 more signed bookplates yesterday, but in less than a day they were already gone. Good grief, you guys work fast?! As of this writing we are JUST 3K AWAY from our next Milestone! Since the project is fully funded, you are at this point guaranteed a copy if you back the project - on top of getting some exclusive KS merch. 
  • My arm is feeling much better! I am very slowly and cautiously experimenting with drawing pages again, for when we return at the Kickstarter's conclusion. I am optimistic but being careful!
  • I'm writing ahead?!! We are FINALLY in the midst of the story that has been in my head for years now, and I am currently doing my best to get all these stories that have been in my head down onto paper. It's very surreal to see all these things that you've been picturing finally taking shape, and I am so excited to tell you these stories!

Thank you all very much for your patience and support during the entire production of this project - there's no way it would be where it is without you or what you do for it. I am very excited to jump back into things and really start blowing your minds!!