Kyle Latino: O Christmas Tree
Posted December 20, 2016 at 10:00 am

(If you don't know, this is Dotra and her husband, Orrig.)

And the first guest we have for the holidays is an artist I've admired for a very long time, and one of the few art relationships that started in a brief, unassuming in-person encounter at SPACE in Columbus. Little did I know...

Kyle Latino, author and artist of She-Dwarf, is an all-star colorist and possesses a wonderfully expressive style. I was a little shy and self conscious when I asked him to make some filler for little ol' me, but Kyle, I keep getting reminded, is incredibly nice and approachable, despite his fearsome, bearded exterior.

I was first an avid reader of Kyle's autobio comics, but then She-Dwarf came along. This comic is some good stuff. It gives me everything I'm desperate for in a good fantasy story: Strong female protagonist, radical colors, elf snipers, Muscle Hawks... not to mention cool backstories and treasure hunts. Mmmm good stuff. 


PS I am absolutely going to try to write this into the comic or a future holiday special at some point good heavens this is too amazing of a tradtion for this couple