See You Soon
Posted October 17, 2021 at 12:01 am

New pages and materials will now be withheld until October 2022. (The image above was drawn in 2016.)

During this time, we will be "re-broadcasting" Chapter 1: Our Wild Brethren, with remastered pages and detailed commentary about: the production of those pages, things we had to do to prepare them for print (learn from my mistakes!), and insights with the perspective of 7+ years' experience of working on the comic.

If there is more time to fill after this installment, we will also be sharing additional materials (all made prior to October 18, 2021), such as unfinished character artwork, development materials, and characters that have not yet appeared in the story.

We hope this is enough to keep you coming back during this time, and we look forward to jumping straight back into the story next October.

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