Hi, Rosey!
Posted June 27, 2018 at 08:24 am
Sorry for the late update, everyone! Life and stuff happened. 

The comic is going through some growing pains currently, as Yoko and I adjust to some new schedules and whatnot, and to further ease the burden and time this project demands, we've taken on some extra help (as you can see next to our names at the bottom of the page!). 

Rosey is going to be helping us with flats for the forseeable future, taking some work off Yoko's plate so she can have an easier time coloring pages. You may recognize Rosey's name if you hang around the DotL Discord channel, as she's a regular there! She's a very talented artist, so be sure to check out her social media galleries and make her feel welcome!

Rosey's DeviantArt
Rosey's Tumblr
Rosey's Twitter

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