Posted May 17, 2018 at 10:31 am
Alt Text by Peter Allen on Patreon!

So way back when (3 or so weeks ago) I was working on Crazy Job, I asked my co-worker (who was a BLAST to work with and also a webcomic artist, and ALSO super good at drawing gross, monstrous creatures) if he wanted to help me out by designing a potential gross Drath Beast for me. 

Just to show you what kind of superstar he is, he came back at me with one design, inked with no preliminary sketch with a brush, and then said "wait, wait, that one's no good," and then sent me ANOTHER one. Each, obviously, knocked my socks off, I'm so happy and thrilled to be drawing this dude into this page. Here's the second version he sent me, that I ended up using for this page: 

The artist in question is Bryan Baugh, comic and storyboard artist extraordinaire. He draws a lot of horrific monsters and babes fighting them off, so he draws a lot of adult content. Regardless, you should check out his work, it's a pretty wild and fun ride, all in good fun! Slash from Guns & Roses reposts a lot of Byran's art to his own Instagram account without crediting Bryan, and it drives me nuts. Bryan is very patient with me and listens to my long rants on this subject. He is a good guy.

Please swing by his Instagram and his Twitter to tell him how great he is, as well as check out his website and his comic, Wulf & Batsy. I'll try to  bug him to post the other version he sent me so that you can see it.

He's been telling me about this new project of his he has in the works, and it sounds AMAAAAAZING. It sounds like the main character is gonna be a rad lookin Orc, but gross and violent and not at all like Orrig.

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