The Gross Debate
Posted January 18, 2022 at 12:12 pm

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There's a lot to say about depictions of violence and gore in media, and to be honest, nowadays I question my decision to include it so early in the story; but ultimately, I think it's a good way to quickly let people know what kind of story this will be, and allow them to decide if it's the kind of story they would like to consume.

I'm a big fan of horror, suspense, and drawing "gross" stuff, so of course I'm going to include the things that I like in a story that I'm making for my personal enjoyment; but I do spend a lot of time wrestling with how far to push that, and do my best not to let myself nor an audience become desensitized to it. As fascinating as some people may find it, it is one of those things that should always make you wince before you (maybe impulsively) go "Whooooaaaa!"

But that's just my personal take on it. Everyone's comfort levels will be different.