Margot needs to loosen up and not be so formal in her letters to her girlfriend.
Posted December 8, 2020 at 01:00 am

"A chill ran down T'Fa'Nii’s spine. She knew these parts well, but somehow in the snow, her and her companion had travelled too far into the shadowed woods of the order of the shielded brotherhood.

"T'Fa'Nii, what is it? Why have we stopped?” asked Jint’djer, her Orken horns glinting in then sudden moonlight. Although she had hired T'Fa'Nii to escort her through the Brotherhood territory to reach San’bern’trio before the eve of her betrothal, she was by no means a frail maiden. Her traveler’s cloak flowed around her wide shoulders and brawny frame as she strode with confidence, yet caution, over to her guide. T'Fa'Nii knew these lands better than anyone, but now, she seemed to be out of her element.

"Jint’djer, we need to leave. We can’t be here. This is a sacred place for the Brotherhood and our presence will draw their attention soon,” T'Fa'Nii said in a hushed tone. She pointed off into the clearing before them, indicating a stone altar beneath a wide stone arch way. “This is where the souls of the brotherhood bind, their bonds forged in battle. This is where I was born to my fathers on that starless night all those years ago...” 

Many, many thanks to the real Alexandria Mees, who both wrote the excerpt above, and also came up with the title of this particular book Margot found to send to Lyra. She is currently writing a lot of T'Fa fanfiction that is very, very good. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll share more with us eventually.

All right, that's gonna do it for us here at DotL - we're gonna settle in and rest up for the rest of 2020, and will see you in 2021. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and have a great rest of your year!

*Transcript of Letter: 
"Dear Lyra, I was very happy to receive your prompt reply to my last letter, and hope my response finds you in good health. You mentioned the T'fa'Nii books in your last letter, and I looked them up - they are just as terrible as you described. However, I have also discovered a sub-culture of authors who have penned their own stories - without the approval of the publisher - who address many of the complaints you mentioned. I have included one of them with this letter. I think you'll enjoy it. Sincerely, Margot"