False Start
Posted August 18, 2020 at 12:00 am

As mentioned at the start of this chapter, I had a considerable amount of help from Sarcasticles with the development of the finer details concerning the Magical System of this world. As such, they also wrote the multi-syllabic, extra technical explanation Thistle launches into in the third panel of this page! Thank you very much, Sarcasticles! You are way smarter than me.

Sarcasticles has written several amazing pieces of DotL fanfiction in the past, and their insightful understanding of the characters is what made me eventually reach out to them for help in developing the minutia of the Magical System in the DotL universe. Please do yourself a favor and read some of their DotL fanfiction, including my favorite: Cognitive Dissonance.

Those of you who have been following me from the beginning remember my original mission statement when it came to magical systems and such, and I will be staying true to that standard the best I can, but you still need to know the very basics, so the next 8-10 pages are the best you're going to get in this story and outside of it. Thistle will be throwing out some terminology, but most of the jargon she'll be using is informal, and your memorization of those words is not vital to understanding any future conversations or events. 

TLDR: You're getting basic concepts, not an academic level lecture.