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Posted October 29, 2019 at 11:32 am

Alt Text by Renee on Patreon!

Orrig's revenge here is one of many layers:

  1. He successfully disengages from an interaction in which there is no winning with a customer.
  2. She does not get any free labor.
  3. He points her in the direction of a path where, for anyone without a valid complaint, there is no winning, only suffering.

I'm the one who makes the rules of this universe, and I created this fantasy world at a time where I did a lot of work as a Freelance Graphic Designer and have my fair share of client stories, so as a result, the Mercenary Guild is a finely tuned bureaucratic machine made up of rules and regulations that exist to make sure that the protection of its employees are always its priority that are actually fairly enforced.

What all of this means is: Karen will never get her refund. What will happen is: she'll fill out the form, pay a filing fee, a Review Board will come and inspect Orrig's work, give it a pass, give her a new form to appeal the Review Board's ruling, she'll pay another filing fee, and so on and so on and so on. 

On the other side, any customers with actual, valid complaints are taken care of the first time through, given a partial refund, and any followups by other groups are complimentary.

Again, this is a fantasy, I make the rules, and I say the system works.

Colors by Julianna Chianelli