Posted May 7, 2019 at 08:03 am

Hey, everyone, I'd like you to familiarize yourself with the new name at the bottom of the page: Julianna Chianelli!

Julianna will be our colorist while Yoko is on sick leave, and I'm pretty dang thrilled to be back in the game! Jules' lighting and color theory know-how is pretty dang great, and this new scene is the perfect chance for her to show you what she's got. Please be sure to check out her Portfolio Site, her Twitter, and her brand spanking new Patreon.

I'd also like to take the time to thank everyone who expressed interest and reached out to me regarding helping us with coloring for the time being, and a special thank you to the following artists who were kind enough to complete coloring tests for the position:

Every single one of these people are incredibly talented artists in their own right, and did their dang best to make this decision as difficult as possible (which... boy, y'all really delivered on that). Ultimately, I had to choose based on whose style was most similar to Yoko's, to preserve consistency - but each one of these people were so pleasant and positive that I'm excited to potentially approach them again in the future with some different projects they could possibly work on with me (heaven knows I need the help... coloring has never been my thing...)

You may also notice the sudden style shift in the way the Book Segment is handled on this page! You might notice it elsewhere, too.... after looking at the markers for so long as they were, I decided that I really liked the separation that existed between the "Real World" and the "Fictional" one, so they've been tweaked to help really emphasize that idea even further. 

As a final, final note, I checked the DotL email for the first time in like a month yesterday, and Y I K E S, there are a TON of emails in there that I need to respond to, some of which contain even more fanart/filler pieces?!! Gosh, I am the worst, I am so sorry to everyone who has been waiting for a response from me. I'll try to get to those today, but please know that I love and cherish you and I am excited to write you back. Thank you for being patient with me!

See y'all next week!

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