Posted November 20, 2018 at 06:13 am

So, there's a couple things about this page:

Daedalus Books is a real place. The bookstore was originally named Blue Whale Books, also a real place, but Daedalus more directly inspired the interior design and feel of the shop, so it was changed at the last minute.

Shout out to Qsy for coming up with the stuffiest old French name possible. 

Also, more shout outs to Yoko and Rosey for being patient with me, as they are the most patient and hardworking people in the world. You guys are great. 

This is the first week of the new update schedule, which means I need to go against my every instinct and discard the next page I've been working on in favor of page corrections. I'll have something cool to show you on Thursday, hopefully.

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