Surprise! It was MUNDANE fantasy the entire time.
Posted October 23, 2018 at 01:27 pm


I think, in total, this page took about... uh... a week to draw, 3 days to ink, 2-3 days for Rosey to flat, and I don't even know about the colors for Yoko, and then I took another 2-3 hours tweaking things before posting it for you guys here.
You can watch a GIF of the entire process this page went through by clicking here.

Shout out to my husband Milo for helping, a lot, on this thing. And of course to Rosey and Yoko who are, obviously, incredibly hardworking and wonderful people. Thank you for being game for this.

I'll be posting a process GIF for this thing at some point. It's a fun thing to watch.

Fun Facts & Trivia:

  • The Robot at the desk is the Directory. Please state the title of the book you're looking for loudly and clearly. The pages in the Directory Book will open to where your title can be found, if it is available.
  • The Eyes above the door and the Flags are all watching you.
  • The Gargoyles are the Security Guards, and they will absolutely follow you to the ends of the earth to recover any stolen merchandise. Honestly, they may thank you for the excuse to go outside, but it will not lessen the severity of your punishment for stealing.
  • All Employees have attempted or accidentally shoplifted from the bookstore. The only long-term employee is the Cashier, but it is unclear if he owns the bookstore or if the bookstore owns him.
  • Do not make small talk with the Cashier. Do not ask the Cashier what he is, or for his name. Do not address the Cashier. The Cashier will address you.
  • The candles are the only source of light because absolutely no fire or exothermic magic is allowed in the bookstore, for obvious reasons.

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