Posted November 16, 2017 at 09:02 am

hahahaha y'all thought she was gonna take off her hood y'all are gonna be so mad at me

Dude, guys, when it does happen, there's gonna be a lot more dramatic leadup involved. It's gonna be TORTURE, not just plopped down in front of you in a single page. I'm better than that!

So here in the United States, THANKSGIVING IS NEXT WEEK, which means that Yoko and I will be at home celebrating with our families for the holidays. DotL will be going on break next Tuesday and Thursday, but I'll be posting some filler artwork during that time. We will be returning on NOVEMBER 28th. 

And on such an awkward cliffhanger! Clearly I am the worst (because i get such a huge kick out of these things).

(Patrons on Patreon get hires copies of every page as they're posted, and this one will be posted without the blurry version of panel 5.)

Finally, Yoko, our colorist and Margot's creator, stumbled upon an old piece of artwork this past week that's pretty dang cool and y'all should drink it in: