Dragon Grandpa says, Thank you for reading.
Posted June 7, 2017 at 09:07 pm

Starting on Monday, DotL will update with works created and submitted by readers! Because of the huge amount of content I've received, I'll be able to update the website every single day of the break! Holy cow, you guys could move the Earth itself if it struck your fancy. You're all incredible. 

While you're waiting for the return of DotL, you can re-read DotL from the beginning to get completely up to speed for Chapter 7, which is getting us back into the timeline the comic started in. You can also support the comic on Patreon where I'll be posting regular updates during my time away, including photos of the office as I assemble it, all the wallpapers I'll be getting caught up on, and sneak-peaks of Chapter 7!

Chapter 7 will begin on June 29 with the Chapter Cover.

See you then!


Meg & Yoko