Welcome Aboard.
Posted May 31, 2017 at 08:40 pm

Aw, isn't this nice. 


(Spoiler Alert, Orrig: yes, you will still get the bonus.)

Hey hey, you guys get a special early update because tomorrow is the start of my big move! My "Comic Computer" at home is currently in a box, so I'm using the machine at work. I realize I could probably schedule these things to go up at a certain time, but why not make my hassle your gain? 

Only one page left until the end of the chapter! Get your filler art in while you still can!

If you would like to submit filler content to go up on the site during our break, send an 800(wide) x 1200(tall) version of your work to DaughterOfTheLilies@gmail, along with your name and what URL of yours that we can link to so that people can see more of your work.