Posted May 2, 2017 at 09:14 am

What is this? Could it be? A main character?!

This is one of those pages that I got back from Yoko that makes me an even bigger fan of her work and appreciates all the thought she puts into each panel. I would never have thought of putting the setting sun behind Wu in Panel 5. 
I bet I could add more bits of dialogue into that crowd scene, but sometimes you just run out of ideas! I wonder what else people are muttering to each other in the crowd.

Hey, a big thank you to everyone who reached out to me via my callout on the last page about Hangul! I've been incredibly swamped since Thursday, but I will be replying to all of those messages today. Thank you so, so much!

More NPC Characters! And this is the perfect page for them!
This time, we have two lovely lady elves, Mandy and Dandy, designed and submitted by Nicole Grady! You can see them and their fabulously colored hair on the right side of Panel 5, and hidden there in the crowd in Panel 4. Thank you, Nicole!