Something's Missing...
Posted March 23, 2017 at 12:00 am

Remember way back in Chapter 3... or Chapter 4... about what happens to Draths without hosts, or when they "die"?

EDIT: Updated with Yoko's colors! Original Post below:

Today's page looks a little different, right?

Yoko, DotL's colorist, has been pretty sick the past week, and valiantly working through most of it to try and get us pages on time. Unfortunately, she's lately had to admit defeat and just take it easy for a day rather than deliver a page with rushed and messy colors; a decision I am 100% behind. 

For now, please enjoy my inks of this page! It will be updated with colors once Yoko is feeling better, but this situation highlights why we try to schedule these breaks for ourselves. Sometimes we get sick, yes, but this project is a slow burn over a very long period of time, that we balance with our full-time jobs/educations. Breaks are super important to make sure we're taking care of ourselves and that the work is the best quality it can be. 

You guys are so freaking wonderful and supportive that it feels unnecessary to extrapolate on this point, for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you so much for reading!

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One final reminder:

The comic will be going on break from March 30th to April 18th. 

I am, once again, feeling super burned out, and page 23 is a good place for us to pause and take a breather. We'll be finishing up this wild and crazy ride, and getting back to talking heads and rather ominous conversations from here on out. THANK GOODNESS!

I'll probably post some awesome pieces of fanart we've been receiving lately, but if you would like to have some of your own work spotlighted and posted to the site during our break, send an 800(wide) x 1200(tall) version of your work to DaughterOfTheLilies@gmail, along with your name and what URL of yours that we can link to so that people can see more of your work. I'll start scheduling updates around March 23rd, which means if you would like to squeeze in a feature of your work, this is the last day to do so!