Hello, Brody.
Posted January 26, 2017 at 01:00 am

"That frog never asked for any of this crap."

-Thayle on Patreon (2017)

Now would be a good time to refresh your memory as to the Professor's backstory.

As we move into this next scene, I need to take the time to acknowledge Isabelle, who in great part helped me to write it. Isa was incredibly gracious with my clunky, incredibly awkward first drafts as I struggled to handle a very difficult issue with which I have a limited understanding, and ultimately provided me with suggestions that were so wonderful that they appear in almost the exact wording that I received them. 

Thanks should also be extended to my husband, who patiently listened to me stress out about writing this and provided some gentle thoughts of his own about how to handle certain visuals. 

As a final note: we have received many comments throughout our time working on this arc regarding the Professor and his implied past. In the interest of preserving the atmosphere in the comment section, any comments that question the value of any person, or the validity of the time or efforts spent trying to save another person's life, will be deleted. 

Go get 'im, Wu.