Take Shelter
Posted January 12, 2017 at 04:00 am

I really like those classic monster movies, like Gamera and Godzilla, but I would love to see a cool survival film from a worm's eye view about people trying not to get crushed as a monster rampages through the city. Kind of like Cloverfield but with a much steadier hand.

This a very cool and special page for a lot of reasons - I was pretty pleased with how the layout came out, I really like how Yoko put the interior into a lot of greens to compliment/contrast with the red outside, and it also features the first of some Reader-Designed NPC characters!

A couple months ago, someone on Tumblr asked if I would accept some background character designs if they made some. I didn't see why not, and after saying so publicly, was simply awash in a ton of different designs! The timing of it all was pretty perfect with the setting of this chapter, so I'm very happy and excited that I don't have to do as much work, and also be able to make some super talented readers feel appreciated.

On today's page, if you'll draw your attention to the two people in the last panel - those two were designed and submitted by Fadilah AndiniCLICK HERE to see the designs she submitted! 

You'll see them again on the next page, along with another Reader NPC.