Chapter 4 END
Posted February 25, 2016 at 07:01 am

Man, what a ride. 

Wow, yeah, what a big chapter. It was my first one with Tues/Thurs updates, the one where the inspiration for the story was revealed, the craziest coloring jobs for Yoko, and our first major cliffhanger. There's still the rather large problem of our other new friend, Brody. We'll check in on him in the next chapter. 

As of today, DotL is going on its infamous chapter break period while Yoko and I rest up and I polish up the script for the next installment. Right now, the priority is just resting up because wow, do we have a lot of stuff going on in our lives:

Yoko just moved to Denver where she will be living the next couple of months with her cousin, and I finally got a full time job. I'm getting a salary to draw all day. It's fantastic. I'm so happy. But oh my gosh I am so tired. 
Things should settle down in the next week, but the priority for me during this time is to figure out and adjust to my new schedule so that I'm still able to update the comic in a timely manner. I freaking love these Tuesday/Thursday updates, and I don't want to lose those. If you're looking for some other comics to occupy you while we're gone, check out this exhaustive list of all the comics I read

Presently, it looks like the break will be roughly two months long, but I'll have a more specific return date in mind once I finish up the script for Chapter 5. During this time, I'll be answering Reader Questions on Tuesdays and posting all the amazing filler content I've gotten from you guys on Thursdays. 

(Speaking of which, I still haven't emailed most of you back. I'm so sorry. I'm fixing that today. Thank you so much for putting up with me.)

You still have time to submit a Reader Question by becoming a Patron on Patreon, where I'll also be revealing the working title for the next chapter.

Thank you for reading, everyone! See you Tuesday!