Really - how many of you are surprised?
Posted February 18, 2016 at 07:30 am

The Chapter 5 break is coming, and the deadline to submit your content is running out! The deadline is February 17! 

Originally, I think I had this particular event be just as forceful and violent as Thistle's other spells that we've seen so far - but as I was sketching this out, I realized that this was just about the only thing Thistle has any confidence about, so it should be more gentle.

All right, so last night was the deadline for comic submissions! I've gotten a TON that I admittedly haven't even looked at yet because I've been so busy - but I'm so excited to go through those!!! If you submitted a comic and haven't heard back from me, I'm so, so sorry for the wait! That will be fixed soon! And THANK YOU!

Happy Thursday, everyone!