Who can spot the blooper?
Posted January 26, 2016 at 09:54 am

I didn't notice until after the page was all done. Dangit.
I guess it'll just be a part of history, like how Darth Vader's chest panel is upside down in some shots of Star Wars.

I really enjoyed reading all the theories on the last page, Buds! I sat in my evil author chair and cackled all day. It was a lovely time.


So now there are officially less than 10 pages left in Chapter 4! Holy cow! The break creeps ever closer!

If you would like to submit a Reader Question, now's a great time to become a Patron on Patreon! Patron-submitted Reader Questions are the ones I always pull from to potentially answer. And though I may not be able to address all of them, it's the only way to make sure I'll absolutely see and consider it! If you're already a Patron, here's a link to the official post to submit them

I'll also be posting guest comics during this time to stagger out those Reader Questions a bit, and finially, I have more information for you on that! If you would like to submit a guest comic during this time, here's all you have to do:

  1. Make sure it's a comic. (i know i know)
  2. Make sure your pages are sized to 800x1200 pixels.
  3. Write down your NAME, the URL you would like to be credited to, the title of your piece, and whatever comments you would like me to add to the blog post (I will edit them if they're too long, so don't write too much!).
  4. Send an email with this information and your page(s) as an attachment to my email at MEGSYV(at)OUTLOOK.com!
  5. Make sure you submit your materials before midnight on FEBRUARY 17! 

That's it! Super easy, right?
There's a chance I won't be able to post every comic I receive. If there are more comics than there are update days, the last update before Chapter 5 starts will be a huge collection of them with links to every comic that was submitted! That way everyone can at least get their day in the sun. 

I've already got one pretty fantastic comic from SelvoDraws that left me in stitches. Ho man.

I'm going to repost this information for the next couple of updates, so that it'll be easy to find for the people looking for it.