Posted January 19, 2016 at 08:55 am

I was having trouble coming up with Brady's last words, so I turned to my Patrons for help. Thank you, Herman Cillo, for the idea! 

I had a really tough weekend. I hope y'all had a better time. But, it did make me very aware of how lucky I am. So many people sent a lot of really nice messages and it made a tough time a lot better. Thank you very much for that. You guys are a real blessing.


This week, DotL got an interesting review that focused specifically on the costume designs for Thistle and Lyra by Heroine Images. You can read that by clicking HERE

ALSO - and this is something of note - it doesn't seem like it, but the end of Chapter 4 is on the horizon, which we all know means the dreaded 1-2 month "Break-While-Meg-Finishes-Writing-and-Gets-Started-Drawing". I've taken to answering Reader Questions during this time, but I'd like to stagger those out with some guest comics and filler. Start thinking about if you would like to make some artwork or write some stories to be featured during this time!

And finally, Happy Tuesday.