Posted July 27, 2015 at 09:44 am

I guess you all saw that coming.

For those of you that missed it on Twitter, I recently got a copy of Pokemon: Heart Gold, and I've been naming/picking team members based on my characters because I am the biggest freaking nerd. There's even been art. Augh, someone help me. (You can see it all here.)

So hey! 3 pages left of the chapter, you guys! I'm looking ahead to what I have to do to get ready for chapter 4, and it looks like I'll need to take a brief 1-month hiatus to get a buffer ready for you guys. During that time, I'll be uploading my answers to Reader Questions sumbitted by Patrons. (Please note that I will NOT be answering any technical or world-building questions.)

If you send me any fanart during that time, maybe I'll upload that, too? HMMMM.