Hiveworks Launch next week!
Posted February 23, 2015 at 06:33 am

 Starting next week, Daughter of the Lilies will be available exclusively through Hiveworks! If you're already reading the comic here, you're ahead of the crowd! Oh my gosh, you're so cool!

(Oh no - that means I only have a week left to finish fixing all the random little things around the site that aren't done yet! Aaaa!)

Man, you know you're in trouble when the things people are guessing that are going to happen next are WAY cooler than what actually happens. Someone theorized that the first "job" the group was going to get was hunting down a monster that had appeared in a nearby mountain town - which is WAY more dramatic than what's actually on this page

Eh, whatever. Drath are way, way cooler. I promise. Just you wait.

Geez, so much exposition and unexplained things. This chapter is so boring. Ugh.