Posted April 21, 2014 at 06:04 pm

This page was colored on my Livestream.

Well, I tried something different this week with the inks - or rather, I didn't ink the page to see what the pencils would do for it. Unfortunately, though it gives the page a nice texture, Sly and I had to put in so much extra work to make it look nice that it wasn't really worth it. We'll be going back to digital inks next week.

I don't what else to add. Orrig has a good poker face, but I hope you guys at least found this impressive. Things always look a lot cooler in my head, and I wish that this particular event didn't involve drawing so many freaking leaves - maybe if I had inked it, I could have had the chance to fix a couple things on the second run through, but things are as they are.

The next page will be the end of the interview, and then we'll get back to the rest of the gang.

Hope y'all had a good Easter yesterday.

Meg out.