May 2024 Update
Posted May 28, 2024 at 08:10 am

Yeah, so a lot's happened. Here's a quick rundown, but here's the Patreon Post where I go into a ton more detail.

The Book Job

Yeah, so I fired the clients, who are currently trying to Reverse Uno Card me into giving them work for free. That's not happening and I'm currently speaking to several people who are helping me out. It's still an ongoing situation but it's going to be okay.

The Mouse Job

Yup, I'm back at a certain studio. Since the FTC made Noncompetes illegal, I am going to let the studio approach me about my work here. Until then, I will be getting back to business as usual. If it's a big enough issue I'm sure they'll reach out, and then I'll comply where I can.

DotL Status

I've been understandably very tired (lol) but I am working on Chapter 12's script. You can get updates regularly through my Patreon or follow me on Bluesky. I no longer use Twitter for obvious reasons. I would love to start posting again in the next two months, but I'm also trying to take care of my little brain, too.

Thanks for your patience. Let's get back to it.