Posted May 16, 2023 at 12:37 pm

HEYO EVERYONE. Thank you for your patience while I disappeared these last two weeks. A lot has been goin' on behind the scenes, and I feel like enough things have been made concrete enough that I can come clean about them.

I'll try to keep things as brief as possible, so here's a bulleted list:

  • I've been hired to do the art for a comic book by a publisher. The content and details are still under NDA, but I am officially starting my first experience working for a publishing house. It is a big adjustment for me, but I know I can do the work required. I still consider myself a storyboard artist first and foremost, but getting some experience in publishing as a side hustle will be very helpful. The rough timeline for this project is about a year, but I will be doing additional work around it during this time.
  • This means that I will mostly be doing comics as a full time job for the next year, freelance storyboard work withstanding. Again, this is a huge adjustment for me, but one that I find exciting.
  • Yoko (the colorist) has a lot of travel requirements for her new position, which leave her very little time to spend working on the comic. Therefore, I will be scouting around for a temporary colorist to fill in for her while she is focusing on fulfilling the duties of her job. Yoko is currently away from her desk, and only has three pages of Chapter 9 left to finish. Once those are done they will be posted!
  • During this time away, I will be posting some filler content that's been sent to me by artists past - I owe them all a huge apology for taking so long to respond to them. If you are one of them reading this, you are an angel. I do not deserve your attention nor efforts, and yet you blessed me with them. I see you and I find myself unworthy. Thank you.
  • Chapter 10 is scripted, and 65% penciled (7 pages total - it's a short one!). Inks go quickly for me, so if I can stay focused and find a colorist quickly, it will come out with little delay.
  • Chapter 11 is a particular installment that I have been waiting to tell since the start of the comic ten years ago, so get excited.
  • Speaking of which, at the end of October, DotL will be 10 years old. Can you believe I thought I would be all done with this story within five when I first started it? Ah, Naive optimism. I miss thee. I will celebrate this milestone with a special print that I will make around that time. There will be a limited number of them, maybe 100? 200?, that will be signed and come with an extra treat for those who order them through my website. Additional unlimited runs will become available later in the DotL Store. If you have ideas for the print, feel free to drop them in the DotL Discord somewhere, where I lurk on occasion.

I think that's everything. I'm doing my best to keep myself accountable to a regular schedule, so I've got to run off to the next thing. I'll be back next week with some filler by Joshua Chong, which gave me the strength to get my act together today.

Have a great week, everyone. Looking forward to working with you. :)