Chapter 12 - COVER
Posted October 29, 2023 at 11:43 am

The 10th Anniversary Print is now available in the Hivemill Store! Additionally, Hivemill is having a 20% off sale, so not only can you get this special print at a discounted price, but you can get any DotL item on sale as well!

Remember that I will also be selling a special, limited run of this same print with a bonus foil on the background linework! Those will become available in my personal store in a couple weeks. Keep an eye out for news here on when those become available!

Happy Halloween, as well! To celebrate this very special holiday, a limited number of Slasher Boyfriend zines have appeared!


It is outside of my usual practice to post a chapter BEFORE going on a hiatus to prep and produce the next installment, but given the format of this chapter cover, you can see why I went with the decision to leave you with this image.

And now, I must rush off again to get to work! I will report back in about a month with news as to a return date for the comic, and will also be working on this NDA book as well, so this is going to be interesting!

Happy Halloween, everyone!